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Rosemary soap

10,20 €

A moisturising soap that protects your skin deep down. Powerfully fragranced and enriched with dried leaves, it evokes the sensation of burying your nose in a rosemary bush or wandering through fields, no matter the season! Translucent.

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How to use your moisturizing Soap

Wet your hand, take a little soap in the hollow of your hand and massage it until you have a thick lather. You can also massage the soap directly onto your body or wet face to achieve a creamy lather. The more you massage, the more lather you will produce. And the more you take the time to soap yourself, the more the oils will nourish your skin. In the water, the fragrance will fill your senses and surroundings. After rinsing and drying yourself, you can enjoy clean, nourished, soft and lightly perfumed skin.

  • Stain : Green
  • Incrustation : Yes
  • Transparency / Opacity : Translucent

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