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Luxury Soaps, traditionally made


Carefully selected ingredients and materials

Rich in vegetable glycerines and oils, butters, plant extracts and essential oils, these soaps blend luxury and sophistication. Our primary materials are chosen with the care of a connoisseur, our fragrances are sourced from the greatest perfumers. Our soap is made using traditional techniques; a process guaranteed by the soap-makers’ knowledge, passed down the generations for over 80 years and adapted over the course of time to the needs and realities of the modern world. You only have to put your nose to the orange blossom block to be transported to Morocco, to smell the mimosa soap to imagine yourself in Nice or to breathe in the chocolate soap to be tempted to take a bite.

 But don't ask for the recipes to these little delights! They are a well-guarded secret !

Authentic “care and fragrance” soaps

Everything exudes authenticity, from the natural plant oils to the fragrances that envelop and perfume your surroundings and linger. Our soaps last (a very) long time if you know how to use them. Using soap has (once again) become a simple gesture, full of pleasure and enjoyment.


 " Forget shower gel : rediscor the benefits of soap "

Soap from the Comptoir des Savonniers is not only authentic but also proves more economical than shower gel; 100g of soap can last for many weeks. As well as gently cleaning without irritating your skin, it moisturises more intensely and is a joy to touch, feel the thickness of the creamy lather and smell the fragrance it releases in the water. 


How to get the best results

Wet your hand, take a little soap in the hollow of your hand and massage it until you have a thick lather. You can also massage the soap directly onto your body or wet face to achieve a creamy lather. The more you massage, the more lather you will produce. And the more you take the time to soap yourself, the more the oils will nourish your skin. In the water, the fragrance will fill your senses and surroundings. After rinsing and drying yourself, you can enjoy clean, nourished, soft and lightly perfumed skin.



A wide range of « Beauty Soaps » or « Skincare Soaps »

Both! With almost 70 elegant fragrances, traditional and inventive, we have something for every body.

In the beauty range, choose from soaps containing fragrance oils and potent moisturisers, from classic to unexpected, including fig milk, peony, iris milk and jasmine.

The skincare range is dedicated to plant extracts that have demonstrated their beneficial qualities: calendula, lavender, aloe vera and Shea-jojoba moisturise, purify and nourish to the max.... for sensitive, atopic and normal skin types. For acne sufferers, our sulphur and Dead Sea mud soaps will do wonders.  If you have allergies or intolerances to fragrances, you can rest assured: we have a soap without perfume or fragrance, with a lather that will leave your skin baby soft. Crystal clear, it blends in with any bathroom and does not react with any perfume, an exception in this garden of Eden of fragrances.