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  1. Algae soap

    Algae soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A deep blue moisturising soap, pure for the benefit of your skin, an invigorating start to the day. Translucent. Learn More

  2. Coral soap

    Coral soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A moisturising soap infused with the colours of southern seas, fresh and purifying to start the day with a smile. Opaque. Learn More

  3. Eucalyptus soap

    Eucalyptus soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Take a walk beneath giant trees with the powerful fragrance of this moisturising soap, enveloping you and clearing your airways. It will invigorate and protect your body with every use! Translucent. Learn More

  4. Lily of the valley soap

    Lily of the valley soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A deeply perfumed moisturising soap; powerful, with a perfume faithful to the little flower, with little white balls of pure glycerin. Translucent. Learn More

  5. Lime soap

    Lime soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A moisturising soap with powerful citrus fragrances; a purifying and exotic element to add to your beauty regime. Translucent. Learn More

  6. Mentholated Marjoram soap

    Mentholated Marjoram soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Delicate marjoram blended with peppermint creates a surprising cocktail of freshness and life, use without moderation! Translucent. Learn More

  7. Minth soap

    Minth soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Energy guaranteed when you use your moisturising mint soap. The soft, creamy lather releases an invigorating fragrance. Opaque. Learn More

  8. Mud Dead Sea soap

    Mud Dead Sea soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A soap containing Dead Sea sediments, purifying and nourishing. A faithful companion for treating skin infections. Enhanced by Eau de Cologne. Opaque. Learn More

  9. Pine soap

    Pine soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A moisturising soap with an authentic resinous fragrance, particularly refreshing and stimulating. Translucent. Learn More