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  1. Algae soap

    Algae soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A deep blue moisturising soap, pure for the benefit of your skin, an invigorating start to the day. Translucent. Learn More

  2. Lavender soap

    Lavender soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    There's a highly Provençal air to this powerfully fragranced moisturising soap. Close your eyes and you will feel the lavender flowers tease your nose. Translucent. Learn More

  3. Lime tree soap

    Lime tree soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A rare moisturising soap whose fragrance captures dried, brewed lime tree flowers in its white mass. The promise of soft, calm skin. Opaque. Learn More

  4. Verbena soap

    Verbena soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Strongly recommended for lemon verbena novices, a little classic, a bright hydrating soap. Opaque. Learn More