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  1. Almond soap

    Almond soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A moisturising soap with a nostalgic fragrance, it is especially softening and nourishing. Opaque. Learn More

  2. Bee hive honey soap

    Bee hive honey soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    As if inside the bee hive itself, honey permeates this moisturising soap with the scent of a thousand flowers, generously fragrancing your skin and surroundings. Opaque. Learn More

  3. Candied fruit soap

    Candied fruit soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A wonderful collection of fruits, ripened to perfection and candied over time to give them a rich and unique fragrance. Translucent. Learn More

  4. Chocolate soap

    Chocolate soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A truly chocolaty moisturising soap; the cocoa bean is here! Translucent. Learn More

  5. Cinnamon - Vanilla soap

    Cinnamon - Vanilla soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A spicy moisturising soap, a little cocktail of vanilla and cinnamon, exotic and enchanting. Translucent. Learn More

  6. Cinnamon soap

    Cinnamon soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A moisturising soap powerfully fragranced and sweet, bestowing the abundant benefits of cinnamon. Opaque. Learn More

  7. Coconut - Vanilla soap

    Coconut - Vanilla soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Take a short trip to the tropics with this amber brown hydrating soap, sweet and smooth with coconut and rich and sensual with vanilla. A real treat! Translucent. Learn More

  8. Coconut soap

    Coconut soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Beautiful fragrance with coconut and coconut milk for this very moisturizing soap. White. Opaque. Learn More

  9. Cupcake soap

    Cupcake soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Cupcake soap, warm and sweety fragrance for a skin washed and soft. Spirit of winter times. Learn More