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  1. Calendula Flowers soap

    Calendula Flowers soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    An especially moisturising soap with garden marigold, subtly fragranced, soothing and regenerative. Translucent. Learn More

  2. Frangipani Tree soap

    Frangipani Tree soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    An intoxicating perfume rises from this moisturising soap, the embodiment of the sun-drenched exotic essence. Translucent. Learn More

  3. Gardenia soap

    Gardenia soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    The dense little white flower of the gardenia has a sweet and exhilarating fragrance that lends this moisturising soap a unique note of poetry and freshness. Opaque. Learn More

  4. Geranium - Rosewood soap

    Geranium - Rosewood soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A spellbinding blend of these two fragrances creates perfection in this sweet and sensual moisturising soap. Opaque. Learn More

  5. Hammam Black soap

    Hammam Black soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A 650g bar to share, this olive based black hammam soap will make you squeaky clean and glowing with health. Opaque. Learn More

  6. Honeysuckle soap

    Honeysuckle soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Summer in your bathroom, relaxing under a canopy of little white and yellow flowers...Let yourself be transported by this moisturising soap and its sweet fragrances. Learn More

  7. Iris milk soap

    Iris milk soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A soft light purple colour, this iris milk soap produces a thick creamy lather and gently releases its noble fragrance, original and sensual. Opaque. Learn More

  8. Ispahan rose musk soap

    Ispahan rose musk soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A subtle fragrance of rose musk, a memory of Persia, refined and romantic, summed up in this light pink moisturising soap. Opaque. Learn More

  9. Jasmine soap

    Jasmine soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Jasmine, that heady little white flower, lends all its luxuriousness to this enchanting moisturising soap. Translucent. Learn More