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  1. Bamboo soap

    Bamboo soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A moisturising soap with refreshing tones of watermelon, grown under southern sun. Translucent. Learn More

  2. Cedar soap

    Cedar soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A moisturising soap infused with the bark and fragrance of cedar, breathe in the unique scent of tree resin. Translucent. Learn More

  3. Cut grass soap

    Cut grass soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A moisturising soap with fragrance of freshly cut grass. A powerful and refreshing perfume. Emerald green. Opaque. Learn More

  4. Eucalyptus soap

    Eucalyptus soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    Take a walk beneath giant trees with the powerful fragrance of this moisturising soap, enveloping you and clearing your airways. It will invigorate and protect your body with every use! Translucent. Learn More

  5. Geranium - Rosewood soap

    Geranium - Rosewood soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A spellbinding blend of these two fragrances creates perfection in this sweet and sensual moisturising soap. Opaque. Learn More

  6. Green tea soap

    Green tea soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A transparent moisturising soap punctuated with little leaves from an Asian teapot. A joyful and sensual fragrance. Translucent. Learn More

  7. Hemp soap

    Hemp soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A deep green, moisturising soap with hemp that will transport you to the herb fields! Translucent. Learn More

  8. Ivy soap

    Ivy soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    The ambiance of the woodland, lightly infused with lemon, gives this perfumed soap an irresistible character. Translucent.   Learn More

  9. Lime tree soap

    Lime tree soap

    10,20 € TTC / 100g
    A rare moisturising soap whose fragrance captures dried, brewed lime tree flowers in its white mass. The promise of soft, calm skin. Opaque. Learn More